Product Videos for eCommerce

Imagine if your products could be elevated by showcasing them in their best light. We believe customers should be able to get closer to a product by seeing it from all angles, in beautiful detail and that they should be able to explore the features that matter most by immersing them in the product experience.

Videos provide a way to get more customer engagement, create a better buying experience and ultimately, sell more. Customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after seeing a product video.

Why video

Product videos allow your customers to view a far more tangible representation of the product, they dramatically cut down the need for long passages of text explaining different features or materials. Product videos also help build trust, with 58% of customers believing eCommerce shops with videos are more trustworthy.

We produce product films for some of known brands on the world to help them launch new products. Our service is perfect for startups and eCommerce stores with large numbers of products too.

What’s included

  • A beautiful product video highlighting the best features in exquisite detail
  • 360 shots with multiple angles available
  • A personal account manager for every project
  • Filmed in our London studio
  • Seamless luxurious black, white or coloured background
  • 2 week turnaround

Our experienced and talented team work in own professional studio to film products at the most beautiful level of detail.

Product videos get more sales.

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With every product video we ask for the key features, how many and what shots and titles you’d like and ask how the film should look like by sending you examples. Then we film, edit and send the video and product back to you.
We aim for a two week turnaround but can prioritise projects if needed.
We allow unlimited revisions but we charge extra for any revisions after the video has been approved.
You own the film entirely and royalty free unless we explicitly come up with an alternative agreement beforehand.
Send us each product via recorded delivery and we will send it back at the cost of the postage.
We can help to build product pages, landing pages, offer video embedding with deep viewing analytics and offer strategic creative consultancy to make the most impact from your videos once they’re made.
Absolutely, we create product launch films, promos and success stories for our clients as well.

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