Film Production

Video helps you connect with your customers, convey complex ideas simply and tell stories that resonate with people.

We make lots of different type of films, ranging from brand stories and interviews, 3D animations, product explainer videos and luxury product videos for launches and commercials.

We can help elevate your brand with video

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  • Brand Films

    Sell the bike ride, not the bike. A brand video depicts the benefits that your products and services bring, they show the care free life a customer of yours could enjoy if they let themselves. They also give a very professional image that is hard to ignore, comparing two companies side by side, customers tend to go with the one who has gone to the effort of a brand video, which doesn’t force a hard sell.

  • brand films
  • case studies
  • Interviews & Case Studies

    People buy from people so show them who you are. Putting a face behind a brand lets people connect on a more personal level which makes them more likely to buy from you, but also lets them see your passion for what you do.

    If customers like you enough that they would recommend you, let them. A case study not only let’s new customers know that they’re not alone with a particular problem but it gives them confidence that you can fix it and do a good job.

  • Animation

    Simple, to the point and easy to understand. Animation’s can add a lighter touch to an otherwise dry subject, explain complex ideas in an uncomplicated way and give a personality to a brand that sets it apart.

  • 3D Animation & Product Explainers

    An explainer video is a really good way to cut down on lengthy copy, downloadable spec sheets and 2 hour long sales calls. A 2 minute video should explain the problem a customer faces, the solution and the benefits your product provides to fix that and gives your customer faith.

    If your product is more tangible then a 3D animation helps delve deeper into it, explain how it works and do what would be impossible in real life.

  • Product Shoots

    To show off a physical product there’s nothing more tangible and desirable than a product shoot film. Showing the key features of a product in perfection shows it off in it’s best light and gives the product personality and creates a want for it. More realistic than just using CGI, a product shoot shows people what they can expect but at it’s very best.

  • product shoots

If you could use a video for your business then let us know what it is



We archive everything so that you can use the footage again in different campaigns. We often record too much footage to use in one video but a lot of the content is great so we keep it for one year, uncompressed and original to use wherever you need it.
You own the film entirely and royalty free unless we explicitly come up with an alternative agreement beforehand. You also own all of the raw archive footage and audio files to keep yourself, re-edit or do whatever you like with with access any time.
Unlimited revisions. We’ll never sign off a video unless you’re absolutely happy with it. If we need more days to edit then we use our day rate of £450 but if we quoted wrongly against the brief, then we’ll cover it ourselves, risk free.
The process is slightly different with each type of film but there will always be these steps:

  • Create a brief to determine your objectives for the film
  • Write a script to meet that brief and storyboard if necessary
  • Film on location or in our studio
  • Produce the film with music and titles
  • Online reviews
  • Revisions and archive link
We usually aim for 2-3 weeks per film, however that depends on the complexity of the project, the number of revisions and the speed at which we get your feedback. If time is critical we offer a rush service to meet the deadline.
We offer content translations and closed captions, as well as voice overs in multiple languages.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work rather than the volume, but we do offer discounts on repeatable work and retainer services for long term clients. Get in touch and we’ll give you a great quote.
We can help you create a YouTube account if you don’t have one already and upload the video to put on your site. We also build landing pages, offer video embedding with deep viewing analytics and offer strategic creative consultancy to make the most impact from it.