Imagine a better eCommerce experience

What would a better customer experience look like for a retail brand?

We believe that the product experience and the lifestyle promoted by a product should extend to all customer touch points. It should be synonymous with the product and the brand and it shouldn’t just stop at in-store or advertising.

To achieve this we’ve built our expertise around 3 key areas. Web, Film and the infrastructure to support them.

  • We create digital experiences for our clients that bring the insights of what they do and who they are, into the digital world so that they can immerse their customers in their story.
  • We produce extremely high-quality product videos that allow customers to feel a real sense of the product in its best light.
  • We create promotional films to show the lifestyle of a brand and a vision customers can aspire to.
  • We provide dedicated hosting, deep analytics and support for web and video streaming.

Why NewFlight

We think harder about the customer journey. From in-store to online, we emphatically seek to understand how we can make each persons’ experience the most enjoyable, immersive and rewarding. At the same time, how can we educate and promote products in the best way to capture people’s aspirations, their personalities and their lifestyles?

We believe our passion for the storytelling journey and a demand for the best use of digital technology makes us uniquely placed to deliver the best customer experience.

What we offer

  • Creative strategy for online brands
  • Bespoke eCommerce web development
  • Cutting edge user experiences
  • Website hosting and video streaming
  • Product filming and photography
  • Promotional and lifestyle films
  • Brand and mini-documentary films

We can help elevate your products and your brand.

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