Video SEO and how to make the most of your video content

Video content has gone through the roof over the past few years and can now be an effective tool when it comes to your SEO efforts. We’ve taken a closer look at how you can add SEO to your videos to help your search rankings, so if you’re looking for new and creative avenues to give your ranking a boost, it might be worth seriously considering what video could be doing for your site.

Adding value

Video should be relevant to your audience and wholly original. The more, high quality, well thought out and relevant videos that you add, the more chance you’re giving yourself to serve as an authority on a particular subject or topic. As you add videos, you’ll also be adding to the trust that your audience has in your site, which will increase your conversion rate.

Host the videos on your own domain

If you choose to upload a video on YouTube and link to your site in the description, it may work if you want to expand your reach only. When it comes to SEO however, Google will crawl your video on YouTube first, even if it’s also on your site. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to create a bespoke new page for each video that you create, without uploading any of them to YouTube. This will ensure Google only crawls your site for the video and it also makes indexing easier.

Interactive content

The more engaged the visitors are, the longer they’re going to spend on your site. So think creatively about how you can add interactivity to your videos. This could be via an annotation, a caption or even the content itself. There are many different ways you can ‘gamify’ a video in order to make it more engaging and grab attention, so if you want to build an audience of engaged users, interactivity may be the way to go.

Relevant metadata

Metadata is hugely important to the success of your site, so it makes sense that it should be important to the success of your video content too. The metadata should have all the details necessary so that search engines can index it. Google state that the video description, along with the thumbnail, are the most important pieces of information. You should also include the title, the length and the file name of the video within your metadata. Make sure your title is short and be sure to include keywords in your description. Finally, the filename has to be relevant, ‘video892.mp4’ isn’t going to cut it.

Make your videos shareable

Having interactivity is one thing, but you’re going to want to produce content that your visitors are actually going to appreciate. By having valuable, unique content that has been tailor made for your target audience, it’s much more likely that your audience is going to share it, which will create handy backlinks to your content and boost your SEO efforts.

Much like the written content on your site, the best way to enhance your site’s ranking with video is the quality of your videos. Making good, well-devised videos is the biggest part of the jigsaw, and once you’ve got that right, it’s just a matter of optimising it correctly to ensure your efforts don’t go to waste.