Top 5 Types of Film For Your Business

Stop Boring Your Customers, It’s Time To Tell Stories

Film for business is one of the biggest and growing areas of marketing, companies want to create stories for their customers, build aspirations and sell a lifestyle. Ever heard of the expression “don’t sell the bike, sell the bike ride”, it means don’t sell your product features, sell the benefit that product brings to your customer. The easiest way to do that is with video.

Here are some of the types of video in your arsenal, when you think about how your brand can portray itself, one of these will most likely do the job but of course there are many more, if you can do something in real life, you can film it and show it.

Explainer video

An explainer video is a really good way to cut down on lengthy copy, downloadable spec sheets and 2 hour long sales calls. A 2 minute video should explain the problem a customer faces, the solution and the benefits your product provides to fix that and gives your customer faith. These can be used in lots of different places, on websites, in meetings and to existing customers looking to buy more of what you have.


That first bit of the explainer video, the problem, that can be pulled out and given the prominence it deserves with an infographic. If people don’t know why they should worry about the problem you can solve, then an infographic can highlight it. In a fun and interesting way, these help highlight issues, justify feelings and seek out the truth. They can also be really interesting and great for sharable content for social media, and that helps bring people to you (see Inbound Marketing for more on that).

Background / Culture

When people buy from people, and usually that’s most of the time, they like to get to know each other first. Making a film about your business, it’s work ethic and culture and things you get up to can help build trust and desire to work with you. People feel more comfortable knowing you know what you;re doing. A nice side effect is that they also make your employees feel a little bit prouder to work in such a professional organisation. These can also be event videos that show off where you go and get up to. A video that doesn’t sell anything at all apart from a company that a customer can see and envisage themselves working with.

Case Studies

If customers like you so much they would recommend you, let them. A case study not only let’s new customers know that they’re not alone, they have the same problems as people you’ve helped but it gives them confidence that you can fix it and do a good job. Case studies don’t need much explanation but they are excellent for selling a particular benefit, they let you play to your strengths and believe it or not, they actually improve relationships as existing customers rave about how great you are, they start to like you more too.

Film / Lifestyle

Sell the bike ride, not the bike. A lifestyle video depicts the benefits that your products and services bring, they show the care free life a customer of yours could enjoy if they let themselves. A product film shows examples and use cases as you imagine them and a high sense of optimism. Even if somewhat transparent, they look polished, they give confidence and really customers do react well to seeing an idealistic view of how much better off they could be, even if a small part of that becomes real ultimately. They also give a very professional image that is hard to ignore, comparing two companies side by side, customers tend to go with the one who has gone to the effort of a lifestyle video, which doesn’t force a hard sell. These types of videos are also very well suited to brands who need to differentiate themselves, if you can find a lifestyle your customers aspire to and you can represent that lifestyle to them, they’ll feel closer to you.


Using one of these video techniques might give you a way to make your products more exciting, more engaging and more available to your customers. We think the power of film beats any other initial introduction apart from face to face interaction and helps people sell more and present themselves better.