Top 5 tools for marketing content success

Researching, creating, distributing, tracking and optimising content is hard work. Which makes it hard to have time for anything else. We use some really smart tools to help us lighten the load until one day, it can almost manages itself.

1. Wordpress

Price: Free | Phase: Content Creation |  Skill to Implement: Low

This might not be your first port of call but it can save you lots of time in the future. WordPress, along with a few plugins can be a really quick way of building your content on a rock solid foundation. If you’re struggling to create semantically correct pages then WordPress makes it easy out of the box. It also has some great free plugins to help you with your inbound marketing from end to end.

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2. Campaign Monitor

Price: $10 to start, pay as you go | Phase: Content Distribution | Skill to Implement: Low

The first of our paid for services (albeit it, remarkably cheap). Campaign Monitor is the easiest way to start sending emails to your prospects and  existing customers. It comes with templates to send out but if you want to be a little more unique and if you have some HTML knowledge, you’ll want to find a template on Themeforest that you like. Try to go for one that is responsive ie. It works on all devices, and make sure that it is compatible with Campaign Monitor in the item description.

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Use a professional theme to make your emails look more unique

3. BufferApp

Price: Free | Phase: Content Distribution | Skill to Implement: Low

Use BufferApp to find content online and schedule it to post to multiple social network at a regular time. This is a really good way to distribute your posts to reasonable, life-like times. It won;t reply to any messages or cause much interaction but what it will do is maintain your presence across all your networks.

If you want to do more than post articles you come across online, then use IFTTT where you can set up recipes to auto post on RSS updates, send instagrams or even post new Google Spreadsheets. That gives you your first step towards social media automation, use with caution!

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Automate some of the searching

4. Google Analytics

Price: Free | Phase: Track and Report | Skill to Implement: Medium

If you don’t already have it, I thought it was worth adding here the fundamental first step. Whatever your business, whatever your website, you’ll need to track your success to know that you’re talking about the right thing and that customers are finding you because of it. The analytics are a must have benefit, you can sign up with a Google account.

Analytics can be a little tricky to set up, first you need to validate your ownership of the site, and then you need to add tracking code to your pages. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you can edit your website templates or have a CMS to build it into.

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5. BuzzSumo

Price: Free but $99 / month plan recommended | Phase: Track and Report | Skill to Implement: Low

Analyse what content performs best for any topic or competitor so that you can adapt your content strategy. Find out what content is working well and who your industry’s key influencers are and what they’re talking about.

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Bonus: Revolv

Price: Free | Phase: Content Optimisation | Skill to Implement: Low

If you have content that suits different people for different reasons then implement Revolv. It will let your content adapt to each and every website visitor so you can place the best content for them.

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