The Power of Film – Improve Your Company Image

Why Every Business Needs Video

Video is one of the biggest and fastest growing ways of consuming media today, it’s the most effective form of portraying information due to it’s speed, simplicity and sincerity. In online marketing, if content is king then video is the crown.

In business, video content let’s a customer into your office, into your culture and into your way of working. The power of video isn’t just in what you say, it’s how you say it and why it’s important because people can see you or they can see the results. It’s a very authentic experience.

But that’s all very non-measurable and it creates a feeling of trust, but it’s proven too. Video helps not just the reaction and empathy a consumer has for you and your product but as a result, their propensity to buy from you increases, the length of time and effort they’ll put into researching you increases and the chances of being a better customer increases, here’s how:

They understand you and your product better

Customers can see you as a business, a persona. It’s a chance to get personal and customers can see what the product does, what it looks like and how people use it. They can tell if they can associate with the situation and would gain from your product or service. What’s more, with video metrics you can tell what products customers are interested in, not just what they buy most of.

Great social content

If you have a web presence (if not, you really should) you should have a social media presence, if not only for SEO reasons. Social let’s customers see your latest updates, what’s new and how they can gain from it. Video makes exceptional social content because it’s short, easy to consume and conveys a message simply. Something long form text would have a lot of difficulty doing.

More Exposure

Not everything should come down to SEO but video does have a positive impact on your search results, Google places more prominence on pages with video, there are more opportunities to be seen on YouTube and people visit sites with video more, watch more and enjoy sites more if they don;t have to trawl though hundreds of pages of text.

Become Exciting

Let’s face it, the real intricacies of most business’ and what they sell are really boring. Of course passion overcomes these obstacles but it’s hard to get passionate about a PowerPoint presentation or a 10 page PDF. But it’s not hard to be interested in a video, in a lifestyle and a solution. Videos (especially ours) make you look cool.

So ultimately people buy from other people and video helps lower the barriers between your business and your customer by introducing you. In effect it builds trust and makes a complete stranger more likely to be comfortable with you if they relate or aspire to what you project. And really business is all about trust.

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