Nike Logo

Making marks and making your mark

Cast your mind back to your youth and those days sat in school classes. We all spent years gruelling through calligraphy lessons in a trance-like state of wavy c’s and join-y o’s, as our eyes hypnotically followed our teacher’s hand. We were, of course, learning how to communicate by making our very first marks onto paper. These individual marks each adopted a slightly different style, perhaps representing a slither of our personality.

Those marks enabled us to communicate something to someone, in the clearest and most professional manner (if we were doing it correctly). That something could be our feelings; whether we’re scribbling in ANGER or jotting in silent awe. It’s a tool to represent ourselves, however we choose to use it. Sadly this all seems rather in vain when we get a job, ditch fountain pens for biros and revert back to the same sloppy non-joined up writing we adopted in First School.

Consider the mark you’re making

Logos are not dissimilar. They are merely another type of mark, a form of expression. So why isn’t this mark so often given the same, if not, greater importance? After all it’s the embodiment of an entire company’s identity, reduced to it’s simplest possible form. Many designers will cough up a logo in a matter of hours, choose some colours that they think work well together and hey presto, a fresh logo dished out and ready to be ignored. On the other hand fewer designers will spend days, weeks and months scrutinising the brand identity, striving to create something smart and unique, ready to be recognised.

Logo design is fundamentally about craft and consideration. Since our handwriting is how we represent ourselves on paper, a logo is surely how an entire organisation represents it’s self, not just on paper, but online and across the world.

Stand out

Strong branding is crucial because, above anything, it establishes a set of rules and principles to abide by. If you stray outside those boundaries you begin to lose significance. If you stick rigidly to the design principles that determine your presence you will gain significant.

It goes back to how we present ourselves, someone with a strong character and good moral compass will always retain their true beliefs and in extreme cases be made a martyr. Those individuals are the corner stones of our society, they have stories told of them and legends passed down through the generations.

Now take Nike and Apple, these brands are elevated above all others because of what they stand for, an ethos or a cause people can rally behind, bigger than any single product or service. Now Nike’s tagline is as much apart of their branding as the type face, it serves to reinforce Nike’s powerful visual presence with the rallying idea in the form of an adjective ‘JUST DO IT’.

Your company’s image should be treated in very much the same eminence, no matter what the service. Create a higher sense of purpose, a statement of character for others to talk about and follow then your brand will be remarkable.