Grape balloon

Great design makes me notice the fairground sign, great advertising makes me want to go to the fair.

Design and advertising is a marriage of two crafts. One can’t exist without the other when trying to get an idea across. You could have the best idea in the world, however if this is poorly executed no one will see the idea for what it is. And the reverse, a bad idea brilliantly designed will get the wrong idea seen by everyone.

Reduce, reduce, reduce

So it is very important to think about everything. ‘KISS’ – Keep It Simple Stupid, is what was drummed into me at art school. Great design is a process, a process of thought and reduction. Just like a great tasting gravy comes from a pot full of vegetables. The end result of a creative process is the reduction of idea after idea until the idea can’t be any clearer and you’ve reached perfection.

Be authentic

Essentially the job of Creative agencies is to be thoughtful down to the smallest detail. If we’re creating typography for a poster then we need to explain why we’ve chosen the typeface. If we’re selling a vintage car will the font be from the same era? If so what were the printing methods of that time and how can we replicate that today? Those are the questions every designer will need to be thinking of before they even embark on setting the type into a layout, and yes it is a journey. The craft of laying out the text and kerning the letters should come at the very end of the process. Designers aren’t there to just make things look good, they should be involved in the ideas process just as much as the creative director and when they are the work will be truly authentic and award winning.