Filming Christopher Ward’s new C1000 Typhoon – Cockpit Edition

We’re very pleased to launch the new film for Christopher Ward – C1000 Typhoon – Cockpit Edition Film

If you’re a fan of Top Gun, own a pair of Aviator sunglasses or even a leather jacket then this is well worth a look.

We were lucky enough to get hold of an actual Typhoon fighter helmet with two tours in combat under it’s visor. With such a great prop it had to be the centre piece for our film.

We used a mix of film for the watch shots and CGI for the Typhoon fighter which gave us complete control of the jet’s movements. Often stock footage just doesn’t land the idea and even then you are limited by the quality and movement. CGI also has it’s ups and downs, striking a balance between a realistic looking scene and what you’d like to show can be difficult. However it pays off when you have a scene that you are in complete control of and with a little patience that 3D model will transform into something visceral and authentic. We’re pleased with the result so we hope you enjoy!