Why is Film the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business Right Now

The digital world is evolving – and so is content marketing. If you have any intention of establishing your business as a leader within your competitive industry, then you’re going to need to buff up your advertising strategy. It is time for you to adopt video marketing. Video is in – and its implementation in business’ content marketing strategies is on the rise. One of the major reasons why brands have turned to video marketing is because of its affordability. YouTube, the second most trafficked site, after Google, allows users to upload their content for free – regardless of its size. The fact that users view more than 500 million hours of video each day on YouTube is clearly indicative of a market that can be penetrated by an array of businesses. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to produce quality content and share it with a large, engaging audience. Video is interactive and accessible – the two key factors to connecting with any audience. In the mobile era that we live in, where users are continually navigating a fast-paced world, it is far easier – and more effective way to reach your audience. 51% of all video plays are …

Google Fakes A Pizzeria Just to Test Out New Advertising Strategies

In search of the “perfect crunch” in your next pizza? You won’t get it from Google. Doctor Fork may have had people’s mouths watering in Google’s recent ad campaigns that were created with the help of famous food brand, Nestle, and Ryan Elder, associate professor in marketing at Brigham Young University. Google’s plan? Not to fool people into ordering pizza, but to see how many would want to try. Why was Doctor Fork created? The fake Doctor Fork pizza brand was all created in the name of research as Google sought out answers to questions in two broad categories: The effect of sensory cues on ad effectiveness Man versus food, or how much presence humans require in food ads The whole idea was dreamed up by the Unskippable Labs team at Google. The team has been testing the effectiveness of ads in all sorts of compelling ways, but this is among the top. Did you see Doctor Fork on YouTube? The faux brand was put on full display with the help of stock footage that was used to craft 33 different ads. They were all shown on YouTube to more than 20 million drooling expressions. Ben Jones is the man …


The 3 Elements of Good Video SEO

Video is by far the most engaging type of content on the web. Outranking text and photo combined, people are able to get so much more information across in video form than they are able to with any other format out there. However, simply publishing a video online isn’t enough to get people watching it. Like everything, the person not only needs to focus on producing high-quality content, they also need to go about promoting it correctly so that it can actually be discovered.   There are three key elements that factor into how well a video will rank. Define A Purpose For Every Video This may seem like a broad tip, but it’s actually essential to ensuring that every video is working towards the overall goal of a company. Every video should have a defined purpose and CTA (call-to-action) in order to engage viewers. The best videos will have topics that were researched previously to ensure that they match what the target audience is after. They should answer a question the target audience has, give instructions for something the target audience wants to do, or provide information on a topic the target audience is interested in. Costomer research should …


Wait, don’t skip! Best practices for YouTube pre-roll content

Pre-roll content on YouTube is mainly used to raise awareness of a brand or business and partly to drive web traffic. If your target audience, or customers, are regular users of YouTube, creating effective preroll content can be a great platform to promote your brand. Pre-roll content can also be used for lead generation, which is particularly useful if you’re a B2B business looking to increase the number of leads that your digital marketing generates for your sales team. Below we’ve listed some best practice tips for employees when using YouTube pre-roll content. Get to the point According to some sources up to 94% of people skip pre-roll adverts after the first six seconds. If this statistic is to be believed, then delivering your message in the first five seconds is key. You need to be clear and concise about the most important message you want to get across to your customers – if you cannot communicate this in five seconds, then give them a reason to keep watching. Target effectively YouTube provides detailed targeting options for your pre-roll adverts, so placing content relevant to the different segments of your target audience shouldn’t be too difficult a task. Encouraging viewers …


We come RAR recommended

We’ve just been highly recommended by our clients on the Recommended Agencies Register and are now a fully fledged recommended agency, with a badge. The RAR is the leading agency register that independently and confidentially questions clients asking them to rate agency services. We’re really pleased to be recommended and can’t thank our amazing clients enough. For us, relationships are a huge part of why we do what we do and we’re still going with our first ever clients, and those who went to new companies and those who went on again, so it’s a big deal to us. Thank you to everyone for rating us so highly, check us out on our new NewFlight RAR page.


The 3 P’s of Marketing Communication

There are three main strategies when it comes to your marketing communication plan, and they are the three Ps; push, pull and profile. From my experience these can be, and arguably should be, used as a blended communication strategy rather than just one – however, this can depend on a number of factors, which are mentioned below. So what’s the difference between a push, pull and profile strategy? Push Strategy A push strategy is a more direct form of communicating with your clients; it’s about ‘pushing’ your products to them with as little advertising as possible. An example of this would be direct selling and exhibitions where a great deal of personal selling is involved. This is a useful strategy for when there’s low brand loyalty, many good substitute products available, or perhaps for impulse buys. Other examples of push strategies include: Direct face to face selling Forging agreements with retailers to stock a product Making supply chain enhancements Promotion through packaging design In store displays Pull Strategy A pull strategy is a softer, but potentially more costly approach, where you encourage customer demand through advertising and promotions, such as free samples, coupons and competitions. This is a good strategy …


How to approach building a web app

One of the major advantages of creating a web app is that it can be accessed by users, wherever they are, as long as they have a PC with a working internet connection. This also opens up opportunities such as global teams sharing information, home-working and real-time collaboration. These opportunities allow you to be much more flexible as an employee, attracting talent across global markets. Below we’ve listed the key steps you need to go through when looking to create a web app. Clarify your goal Before you get anywhere near the design stage of your web app, you need to be clear about the purpose of your app. Understand why you want the app in the first place. Whether it’s to promote more flexible working, or to offer your team remote working, clarifying the reason for building the app is the first step in ensuring it’s a successful project. Be prepared to test Segment your customers or users and be prepared to test a few iterations of your web app before you’re ready to go for a full launch. Test out different version of your web app with your customers, or employees using the app, to understand whether the …


Video SEO and how to make the most of your video content

Video content has gone through the roof over the past few years and can now be an effective tool when it comes to your SEO efforts. We’ve taken a closer look at how you can add SEO to your videos to help your search rankings, so if you’re looking for new and creative avenues to give your ranking a boost, it might be worth seriously considering what video could be doing for your site. Adding value Video should be relevant to your audience and wholly original. The more, high quality, well thought out and relevant videos that you add, the more chance you’re giving yourself to serve as an authority on a particular subject or topic. As you add videos, you’ll also be adding to the trust that your audience has in your site, which will increase your conversion rate. Host the videos on your own domain If you choose to upload a video on YouTube and link to your site in the description, it may work if you want to expand your reach only. When it comes to SEO however, Google will crawl your video on YouTube first, even if it’s also on your site. With that in mind, …


What does an explainer video do for a business?

Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, explainer videos offer you an opportunity to engage with your customers and develop your relationship past the transactional stage. Many businesses use explainer videos, but if you haven’t before, or you’re considering making a new one, you might want to reflect on the advantages. What is an explainer video? An explainer video is a short piece of content, usually around two to three minutes long, which explains what a certain product or service can do and how it can benefit your customers. The content needs to be specific to your business, and ideally answer a question or challenge your audience are often faced with. The video is an opportunity to explain to your audience the benefits of choosing you over a competitor, but in a subtle way. What content should I use? Let’s say the product you sell is a kitchen appliance. Rather than just saying what the product does (which would be boring, and will be something most customers will already know) consider explaining what benefit your customer can derive from choosing your product. For example you might decide you want to appeal to a segment of your customer base who are …


Top 5 tools for marketing content success

Researching, creating, distributing, tracking and optimising content is hard work. Which makes it hard to have time for anything else. We use some really smart tools to help us lighten the load until one day, it can almost manages itself. 1. Wordpress Price: Free | Phase: Content Creation |  Skill to Implement: Low This might not be your first port of call but it can save you lots of time in the future. WordPress, along with a few plugins can be a really quick way of building your content on a rock solid foundation. If you’re struggling to create semantically correct pages then WordPress makes it easy out of the box. It also has some great free plugins to help you with your inbound marketing from end to end. Download and install on a web server www.wordpress.org Or use our cloud hosted and super fast servers Host with us 2. Campaign Monitor Price: $10 to start, pay as you go | Phase: Content Distribution | Skill to Implement: Low The first of our paid for services (albeit it, remarkably cheap). Campaign Monitor is the easiest way to start sending emails to your prospects and  existing customers. It comes with templates to send out …


Filming Christopher Ward’s new C1000 Typhoon – Cockpit Edition

We’re very pleased to launch the new film for Christopher Ward – C1000 Typhoon – Cockpit Edition Film If you’re a fan of Top Gun, own a pair of Aviator sunglasses or even a leather jacket then this is well worth a look. We were lucky enough to get hold of an actual Typhoon fighter helmet with two tours in combat under it’s visor. With such a great prop it had to be the centre piece for our film. We used a mix of film for the watch shots and CGI for the Typhoon fighter which gave us complete control of the jet’s movements. Often stock footage just doesn’t land the idea and even then you are limited by the quality and movement. CGI also has it’s ups and downs, striking a balance between a realistic looking scene and what you’d like to show can be difficult. However it pays off when you have a scene that you are in complete control of and with a little patience that 3D model will transform into something visceral and authentic. We’re pleased with the result so we hope you enjoy!


Can advertising make you a selfless lover?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what we find attractive in someone is subjective. This doesn’t just apply to the way people look, but anything of an aesthetic nature, in fact anything light touches and inversely doesn’t, can be open to debate surely? It’s my opinion vs yours. We can try and apply logic but there’s really no right or wrong, a long nose vs short, a grade one vs long curly locks. We each see things that others don’t and find beauty in any detail. Of course if we all saw things the same way the world would be a very boring place indeed. Match.com have actually hit the nail on the head with their tagline – If you don’t like your imperfections someone else will. In advertising, however subjective, the beholder is your target audience. You want them to sit in pubs debating about the beauty of your product. And wouldn’t it be amazing if they fell in love with your product’s imperfections as well? As a creative you have to be incredibly objective, push personal preferences aside and dangle your mind into that of your target audience. What really appeals to them and how will we get them …


Taste the success in 2017

Happy New Year folks! It’s quite daunting to think that we’re now a year on from what Robert Zemeckis’s deemed to be the future in the 1989 ‘Back To The Future 2’. We don’t have hover boards yet, unfortunately, but we do have more of a dress sense, thankfully and in any case it’s a much more accurate representation than what ‘Space 1999’ must have been in 1999. It’s interesting to see how others perceive the future and 2016 is unwritten so what will those in 2017 be looking back on this year? Will you invent that new Smartphone that defies belief, or actually get a working hover board to market on Kickstarter, since I imagine all hover boards would be have to be kick-started anyway right? In any case it’s time to think big, and I mean REALLY BIG! In our new age of ‘appreneurs’ and boy-wonders sat in their bedrooms creating the next thing to rival Facebook there’s a lot of competition. I hope 2016 will be a historic year and why not make it a year to get that idea of yours off the ground and into the hemisphere! To do so it might help to ask yourself: Are you …


Merry Christmas from NewFlight

We just wanted to say a big Merry Christmas to you all. We’ve had an incredible first year in business, with our new office and with a bigger team and looking back, so much has changed it’s hard to believe it’s all happened in such a short amount of time.   For some people we made little hand made cards, after a lot of time designing, deliberating and choosing the right materials we came up with a very simple premise. Based on the idea that we make amazing things from very little, from small beginnings to stunning looking creative and media. Our cards are premium black card with a minimalistic label on the front depicting a Christmassy snowy forest, on the inside is the inverse of that made from the same cut out of the same label. Each one was hand cut and written. Here’s the process:


Photography for Websites

Your website isn’t just an old book online, it’s a glossy magazine of the digital world. And to be exciting, immersive and enticing it needs imagery. Photography sells you, your business and gives a small experience of what you’re about. To get started with photography you need to select the right photos, these should be good quality, relevant and styled along your brand guidelines.   When we look for imagery we will either create a brief and take photos that we need or we’ll take a look on a few trusted stock websites. The key to using stock is to move away from cliched images of business people and look for lifestyle images that sell a story or an experience. It’s important to find a suite of images that compliment each other. Here’s a list of some of the stock sites we use and we’d recommend them for different reasons. Remember, doing some research you can find local talented photographers and get your own photos. Free stock sites: Unsplash This site is fantastic and caused quite a stir when it first emerged. Excellent quality photography, royalty free. Not best suited for business type settings but great quality and a nice style to …

Grape balloon

Great design makes me notice the fairground sign, great advertising makes me want to go to the fair.

Design and advertising is a marriage of two crafts. One can’t exist without the other when trying to get an idea across. You could have the best idea in the world, however if this is poorly executed no one will see the idea for what it is. And the reverse, a bad idea brilliantly designed will get the wrong idea seen by everyone. Reduce, reduce, reduce So it is very important to think about everything. ‘KISS’ – Keep It Simple Stupid, is what was drummed into me at art school. Great design is a process, a process of thought and reduction. Just like a great tasting gravy comes from a pot full of vegetables. The end result of a creative process is the reduction of idea after idea until the idea can’t be any clearer and you’ve reached perfection. Be authentic Essentially the job of Creative agencies is to be thoughtful down to the smallest detail. If we’re creating typography for a poster then we need to explain why we’ve chosen the typeface. If we’re selling a vintage car will the font be from the same era? If so what were the printing methods of that time and how can …

Nike Logo

Making marks and making your mark

Cast your mind back to your youth and those days sat in school classes. We all spent years gruelling through calligraphy lessons in a trance-like state of wavy c’s and join-y o’s, as our eyes hypnotically followed our teacher’s hand. We were, of course, learning how to communicate by making our very first marks onto paper. These individual marks each adopted a slightly different style, perhaps representing a slither of our personality. Those marks enabled us to communicate something to someone, in the clearest and most professional manner (if we were doing it correctly). That something could be our feelings; whether we’re scribbling in ANGER or jotting in silent awe. It’s a tool to represent ourselves, however we choose to use it. Sadly this all seems rather in vain when we get a job, ditch fountain pens for biros and revert back to the same sloppy non-joined up writing we adopted in First School. Consider the mark you’re making Logos are not dissimilar. They are merely another type of mark, a form of expression. So why isn’t this mark so often given the same, if not, greater importance? After all it’s the embodiment of an entire company’s identity, reduced to …


Top 5 Types of Film For Your Business

Stop Boring Your Customers, It’s Time To Tell Stories Film for business is one of the biggest and growing areas of marketing, companies want to create stories for their customers, build aspirations and sell a lifestyle. Ever heard of the expression “don’t sell the bike, sell the bike ride”, it means don’t sell your product features, sell the benefit that product brings to your customer. The easiest way to do that is with video. Here are some of the types of video in your arsenal, when you think about how your brand can portray itself, one of these will most likely do the job but of course there are many more, if you can do something in real life, you can film it and show it. Explainer video An explainer video is a really good way to cut down on lengthy copy, downloadable spec sheets and 2 hour long sales calls. A 2 minute video should explain the problem a customer faces, the solution and the benefits your product provides to fix that and gives your customer faith. These can be used in lots of different places, on websites, in meetings and to existing customers looking to buy more of what you …


The Power of Film – Improve Your Company Image

Why Every Business Needs Video Video is one of the biggest and fastest growing ways of consuming media today, it’s the most effective form of portraying information due to it’s speed, simplicity and sincerity. In online marketing, if content is king then video is the crown. In business, video content let’s a customer into your office, into your culture and into your way of working. The power of video isn’t just in what you say, it’s how you say it and why it’s important because people can see you or they can see the results. It’s a very authentic experience. But that’s all very non-measurable and it creates a feeling of trust, but it’s proven too. Video helps not just the reaction and empathy a consumer has for you and your product but as a result, their propensity to buy from you increases, the length of time and effort they’ll put into researching you increases and the chances of being a better customer increases, here’s how: They understand you and your product better Customers can see you as a business, a persona. It’s a chance to get personal and customers can see what the product does, what it looks like …


Definition: Inbound marketing

/ˈinˌbound/ /ˈmärkitiNG/ Inbound marketing is a particular process by which marketers create sales from new customers by creating resources that potential customers want. The main premise is to create content linked to your business and experiences that customers actively seek rather than pushing content onto them via advertising, bought email lists or hopes and prayers. Once they’ve found you, the trick is to nurture those potential customers and convert them into real customers. Here’s the 1,000 foot overview AWARENESS > EDUCATION > ACTION > RETENTION > ADVOCACY Awareness comes down to attracting your customers to your company on their terms. The best way to do that is to make really compelling marketing content that is invaluable and exciting to them. Things like blog posts, social media, search engine optimisation and promotions work really well as long as there’s some intelligent thinking and strategy behind them. This is called content marketing. Education has to be quite subtle. Providing good, informative and unbiased opinions work well with a touch of  “and by the way, we do this really well” added to the mix. This sort of thing works well in slightly more directed blog posts, immersive online experiences, whitepapers and with videos. Action is the good one that all …