We are NewFlight, a marketing agency that believes great work comes from creating remarkable stories.


We create beautiful, immersive and engaging films. Through lifestyle film production we tell the story of your brand, understanding you and helping others do the same with motion graphics and animation, and help show the precision of products with products films.


We build fast, fluid and powerful digital experiences. Using the latest technology, we create stunning websites that delight customers, web apps that power your business and phone apps that give you a presence on the most used devices.


We live by the mantra that great work comes from telling a great story and it comes across in the work we do. Whether that’s from great content writing, helping your brand connect with your customers with creative strategy or helping with UI and UX.



What we do

At the heart of NewFlight is film production. From brand videos that focus on vision and aspirations to case studies that let customers talk on behalf of the brand. We make films that compel an audience, build an emotional connection and simplify complex messages.

film production

digital development


We see digital as more than just an add-on or a medium, it’s an integral part of a successful marketing strategy and a cornerstone to your business. We build websites, mobile apps and business tools that take brands to the next level, for customers, for employees, for good.


Tying everything we do together is the remarkable. The Creative story telling and understanding of a brand, product or service. The customers and their true identities and the truths behind their decisions. Strategic creative thinking gives us insights that set us apart.

creative strategy

What our clients say

The team at NewFlight have produced extremely well-polished, professional videos that we are proud to include in our marketing activity. Aside from helping to promote our HR systems, some of our own clients have been so impressed by the videos that NewFlight have produced for us, that they have engaged with them separately to create their own films.Barry Chignell, CIPHR

I didn’t think it would be possible to cry at a product film… it’s so emotional!Helen McCall, Christopher Ward

Fair to say you smashed it, COO loved it and he’s the hardest man to please – my director went out of his way to find me and congratulate me on such a good job, it was exactly what he envisioned so I really cannot thank you enough! Gemma Phillips, Wates

Judging by people’s comments it seems they really loved it! It showcased our watch in a way some of them have not seen before which was great for us.Neta Dror, Brathwait