At NewFlight we believe that great films come from creating remarkable stories.

Who we do it for


Where other films are done, ours are just getting started

  • Multi-channel, multi-platform film edits and delivery for every objective

  • Lightning fast video hosting and embedding tools

  • Advanced analytics, A/B split testing and conversion tracking

  • Improve, adapt, amplify. All from one company.

What our clients say

  • I didn’t think it would be possible to cry at a product film… it’s so emotional!Helen McCall, Christopher Ward
  • Fair to say you smashed it, COO loved it and he’s the hardest man to please – my director went out of his way to find me and congratulate me on such a good job, it was exactly what he envisioned so I really cannot thank you enough! Gemma Phillips, Wates
  • Judging by people’s comments it seems they really loved it! It showcased our watch in a way some of them have not seen before which was great for us.Neta Dror, Brathwait